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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. we're following breaking news out of san jose. that's where the santa clara county sheriff's department has confirmed that a manhunt is underway at alum rock park due to a raid on a marijuana growing operation. our skyfox is overhead to show us all of the patrol cars and number of law enforcement officers on the ground. we've actually seen armed law enforcement escorting a man into handcuffs. we don't know if he's a suspect or has been formally arrested. we've been watching this for
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the several minutes. we've seen a helicopter lower a net in the campground. that's something police do. the park has been evacuate. there is also a nearby science camp. chirp are being locate -- children are being relocated. we're now learning the names of four marines killed in chattanooga, te yesterday -- tennessee, yesterday. they are thomas sullivan of massachusetts. also sergeant carson holmquist, skin wells and dave yid wyatt of north carolina -- david wyatt of north carolina. a makeshift memorial in grag is -- in chattanooga is growing.
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the shooter has been identified as muhammad youssef abdulazeez. so far, fbi officials are saying he doesn't have any direct ties to international terror organizations but they are handling it as a terrorism investigation. here's more. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating the background of a kuwaiti-born american citizen who allegedly opened fire at a military recruiting station and later at a second site in chattanooga, tennessee. the suspected shooter identified as 24-year-old muhammad youssef abdulazeez. he killed four marines and wounded a fifth before shot dead by police. following shooting yesterday, president obama spoke from the oval office. >> obviously when you have an attack on a u.s. military facility, then we have to make sure that we have all of the information necessary to make
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an april sesment. >> reporter: while the case is being handled as a terrorism investigation. investigators believe he acted alone. they caution they've still not determined a motive. >> we're looking into every possible avenue, whether it was terrorism, doke, international, a simple criminal act. >> reporter: the fbi is monitoring hundreds of supporters of the islamic state. on the radar a few years ago the shooter's father was attacked-- tracked. the shooting occurred after the nation was on high alert after the fourth of july. jay johnson is raising security measures at some federal facilities as a cautionary measure. in washington, back to you. >> be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we're waiting on a news conference. as soon as it begins we'll go
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there. we're updating you online at again, waiting for a news conference. it could be starting any moment now. let's listen into chattanooga, tennessee officials. >> the next person speaking is captain ty balzer. he's with the united states marine corps. speaking next a chief fred fletcher. he's the chief of the chattanooga police department. >> looks like house keeping happening here. we're learning who we will be hearing from in the press
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conference. to news happening here in the bay area, a first-of-its- kind training program is taking place to help investigators working on missing and exploited cases. investigators are being shown how they can stop crimes against children. >> a lot of the experts will help us. working with children, to be able to identify some of the stuff that we don't see, some of the dangers, some of the clues, see stuff that might trigger response. >> this training is being offered to 100 law enforcement officers throughout northern california. at today's training, ross mirkarimi addressed the criticism he's faces over his handling of the sanctuary policy. >> we've been followth law as
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the -- following the law. if there are done officials between -- conflicts between the practice as it intersects with federal law, then let's have an open discussion in the board of supervisors that really legislated the intent that we're trying to adhere to as a law enforcement agency. >> following the shooting of kate steinle, the sheriff union filed a complaint against mirkarimi. it claims he ordered staff not to pass information along to federal agents about detainees such as their citizenship status. investigators are looking for more victims of a man who was supposing as a -- posing as a doctor prescribing medication. investigators veast -- arrested vincent gammill. patients went to him and he prescribed medication with russian labels, even a bag of
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dirt. the woman contacted authorities in her hometown of thousand oaks and deputies arrested vincent gammill. he's due in court in august. he department keep medical records so there could be more victims out there. more hash oil labs are being uncovered throughout northern california. one of the biggest labs in the state was in pittsburg. police raided the home earlier this week. they arrested five people. investigators say most of the home was used to produce hash oil and grow marijuana. there were womans set up to extract thc from marijuana to make the oil. police found $30,000 in cash. there is an increased concern, however, from fire departments throughout our state. >> more and more we're having to deal with the innocent victims whether they are children, other family members, neighbors, first responders are at great risk, too. >> the estimated streat value was about $750,000 -- street value was about $750,000.
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what's being done to curb the problem? the state passed a bill that would make producing hash oil a felony. the bill is designed to address the growing problem of making the drug in homes. sphl the legislation -- the legislation head to the governor's desk. firefighters in antioch looking for the cause of an early-morning fire in a building red tagged. it started around 3:15 this morning. part of the roof collapsed. firefighters cannot go inside until they know it's safe. investigators will look for any evidence of squatters there. >> there is a lot of homeless population. we'll be looking into that and we'll be searchingth the building to make sure -- searching the [to make sure -- searching the building to make sure there
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were no squatters. >> officials say it's likely someone was in the building at sam -- some point. a new report about ambulance response times in san francisco, it was ruled by the grand jury, they lag behind standard times. the fire department will respond within two months to the report. livermore police need help in identifying a man suspected in several bank robberies. this man is suspecting a wells fargo bank branch last week. police say he robbed a u.s. bank branch and a rail little's grocery store and a u.s. bank in lodi on wednesday. anyone with information is asked to call livermore police. 33 people in santa clara county are accused of participating in a widespread car insurance fraud scam. investigators say they crashed their old el model cars on purpose and bilked money from
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insurance -- their old model cars on purpose and bilked money from their insurance company. they told their insurance companies they spilled coffee on themselves and were distracted. the scammers got paid the val laws of the cars -- value us of the -- values of the car. >> this is a huge scam. >> the arrests come after a three-year investigation. some of the suspects own body shops getting even more money for storing and towing the damaged cars. investigators expect to make more arrests. caltrans says it's not sure if one of the two fires was caused by road flares. investigators are still looking at surveillance video. caltrans initially said that fire and the one on wednesday were both caused by the flares rolling into rubber seal exinter-- expansion joints. still. word yet on -- still no
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word when the damage will be replaced. we're awaiting the news conference from chattanooga regarding those four marines shot dead.
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investigators in chattanooga can, tennessee began the news conference starting with condolences and all of those affected. let's listen in. >> to protect the safety and the national security of our citizens and our people in this country. chattanooga police chief is here and he will detail some unquestionable acts of bravery and heroism exhibited by the chattanooga police department in the active shooter situation. steve jerado will detail the assets and resources of atf
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toward the investigation and ed reinhold will detail what he can of the joint terrorism task force-led investigation, the resources and personnel of the fbi and what they have dedicated to this. at that point, we will answer any questions that you have if we can answer them and i want to thank you in add vance for understanding that we can't answer all questions and are prohibilitied from actually -- prohibited from answering some. i want to recognize captain jason balazar with the united states marine corps. >> thank you. good afternoon. the marine corps thanks the law enforcement and nge personnel here for their -- and personnel
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here for their response. we will o assist the authorities in their investigation. most importantly, our thoughts, prayers and support are with the families of our four deceased marines and with the wounded service men and police officer. we remain committed to being part of the communities from which our marines come and to ensuring balance between the safety of our marines and remaining accessible to the nation. thank you. >> my heart and the hearts of the chattanooga police department go out to the u.s. marine corps and the families of the victims. for myself and the chattanooga police d, we offer our -- police department, we off ur-- our condolences. yesterday, chattanooga police officers stood ready to place
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themselves between harm and the community just like they do every day. when the call came out of a gunman, police officers immediately responded and began searching for their cowardly and brutal person. yesterday was a breath-taking example of that everyday courage, that everyday bravery that can all too often be taken for granted. immediately after those reportses of gunfire, officers -- reports of gunfire officers began searching and located the gunman driving down the highway. chattanooga police officers immediately began following and chasing that vehicle between the first and second locations. eventually, officers encountered the suspect at the second location. that suspect soon made his intent, his cowardly, homicidal intent, clear. officers of the chattanooga police department did not
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hesitate. they engaged that gunman immediately aggressivewy with the whole -- aggressively with the sole intent of making sure he harmed as few as possible. that assailant struck one police officer with gunfire. as he went down, his teammates who were responding equally as aggressively came to his aid. they put their hands on him, dragged him from under the gunfire and bravely returned fire to make sure he was safe. officers continued to return fire and engage the suspect even as officers from around the city began responding. members of my executive staff rushed out as the seen was unfolding. officers sitting at home threw
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on their uniforms, rushed out the door to aid their fell lee officers. as i've had a chance to talk to the officers as we deprevious them, they re-- debrief them, they recount their training, but most importantly their commitment to serve this community. they are all thankful for each other and the privilege to serve this community. officers stand willing to risk their own lives for others. they did the day before yesterday and they did th breath taking clarity and they do today and tomorrow. there is absolutely no doubt in my lind that chattanooga -- in my mind that chattanooga police officers prevented loss of life yesterday. chattanooga police officers proved themselves in every sense of the world heroes. they -- word heroes. they are my heroes. i've never been prouder to be a
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police officer than i was yesterday and today. i am extremely to be a chattanooga police officer. police officers stand ready day and night to face down evil and to face down violence and to do it on behalf of their aboved chattanooga. -- of their beloved chattanooga. we thank them. >> on behalf of the women and men of atf i would like to express my sincere condolences to the united states marine corps. regarding atf, as it pertains to what we've been doing along with our federal partners, atf has conducted urgent firearms traces and the results have been relayed to the team. atf has provided resources to augment the investigation. several agents from our
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birmingham office, from our knoxville office have responded as well as our intelligence research specialist, they are here and present and working in an effort with all of our partners here today. we are committed to work as a team and to be here. and we will bear no extense and make sure that we bring this -- expense and make sure we bring this case to closure for the american people. >> hearing from an atf agent a moment ago we heard from fred fletcher giving us the first detailed account of what happened. he described his officers rushing to the second scene taking down what he described a cowardly homicidal suspect. that suspect was killed but one chattanooga police officer was hurt by gunfire. four marines shot and killed in chattanooga yesterday. as you can see, the information
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details are still unfolding from the deadly scene. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more coming up today. here at home, san francisco is one of the worse cities for drivers. wallet hub listed the city number 97 of the 100. while they compared the cost of gas, car insurance as well as traffic and road conditions. city leaders say construction projects that are contributing to the traffic problems now will ultimately benefit people in the long run. >> certainly aware of all of the things that are impacting traffic in the city, the result of the booming economy, the construction, the added traffic in the street. >> elsewhere in the bay area, oakland and san jose rank number 85 and 86 on that list. we'll be right black --
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welcome back. a bit of a cooldown as we start the weekend and the chance for showers. as we end the weekend. this is san jose, mostly clear skies can over portions of the south bay and partly cloudy areas along the coast and the inland communities. the system responsible for the cooldown as we get into saturday, perhaps a little bit of cooling but saturday will be the better day. this system brushing northern
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california. i want to point you to the south because this is the moisture that will be moving in. a combibbation of monsoonal moisture and tropical storm dolores, going to bring us that chance for showers. again, that will be on sunday and monday. we have the winds on shore about ten miles an hour in fairfield, 15 at concord. we're looking at 5 miles an hour in novato. novato is coming in from the south and east. temperatures right now, very similar to where we were yesterday. not seeing a lot of cooling for your lunchtime. 89 degrees in walnut creek. 80 degrees for novato. 70 sfo, 65 san francisco, 7 had for mountain mountain -- 74 for mountain view. concord, 88. 84 expected in napa. closer to the water, a comfortable day, 74 expected in oakland. 68 for san francisco and 66 expected in areas around pacifica. temperatures again coming down slightly. not even seeing it just yet.
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but the onshore breeze will turn on for the second half of the day. as we get into your bay area weekend temperatures will be on the mild to warm side. warmer inland but we're looking at the possibility of rain coming our way. >> we'll see you at 4:00. have a great day. thank you for choosing ktvu. un
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